Massage gun for soft tissue fascia release comes with 6 attachments to choose from and a beautiful case to carry it in where ever you go.
Easy to use body massage gun to relieve all of your stress during the Corona Virus pandemic or anywhere in the world. Take it with you to work, the gym or at home this will give you the muscle relief you're looking for.
Biden blue massage gun for your liberal progressive fans.
Trump red for the conservative types
BLM black for people who care about people
Fancy Gold for your fancy upper crust Richie Rich types
Money Green for those of us in great need during these tough times.
6 colors to choose from including blue red black green gold silver
LCD Touch Screen to adjust 20 speeds and power
Brushless High-Torque Motor that is Built to last we have the best research and development for the smoothest quietest most powerful massage
Anti-Slip Silicone Sleeve for a comfortable grip
Comes with a beautifully designed carrying case so you can take your massager anywhere you go.
Great for use anywhere on you body for any age.
Massage gun is just like being at the spa
cordless massage gun can go anywhere you go. It has a 6 hour long lasting charge.
Massage gun is great for recovery after exercising
Massage gun just like the one in the spq
Massage gun is great for after a run and make it part of your cool down to keep your muscles loose

Massage Gun - 2020 Stress Disorder Deep Tissue Fascia Release Massager!

Civilian Squad
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What a year it's been, huh! Could anyone have imagined 2020 would have been this crazy just one year ago? That's why Civilian Squad is here to the rescue! You see, whether you choose blue or the red, the black, green, silver or gold, we're all tired and need a relaxing and effective massage. Something to look forward to and pamper us. Whether you're 8 or 108, with 20 speed and power adjustments, everyone will benefit!

Civilian Squad's Massage Gun is for Home, Work or after the Gym. Similar to foam rollers, the handheld massagers are meant to release tight muscles. The quicker your muscles are loosened, the less sore you feel and the quicker you recover before your next workout. The best massage guns, like the one's at Civilian Squad, offer 20 speed and strength settings, allowing you to find a rhythm that works best for you. They’re safe to use all over the body, from your shoulders and back, to your glutes, calves and even the bottom of your feet (say, after a run or hike). Civilian Squad's massage guns are also portable enough to take with you to the gym, office or on vacation. They’re all wireless too, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in cords while getting your recovery in.

This will help people of all ages and sizes. Deep tissue massage as well as Soft tissue fascia massage can help your tight muscles release to full natural length alleviating pain while promoting good posture too.