Portable Body Muscle Massager 20 Speeds Handheld Percussion Massager Gun, Professional Deep Tissue Massager for Athletes with 6 Massage Heads (EM03)

$99.99 USD $149.99 USD
Color: Blue

What a year it's been, huh! Could anyone have imagined 2020 would have been this crazy just one year ago? That's why Civilian Squad is here to the rescue! You see, no matter what color you choose, we're all tired and need a relaxing and effective massage. Something to look forward to and pamper us. Whether you're 8 or 108, with 20 speed and power adjustments, everyone will benefit!

It's to easy to use, this will help people of all ages and sizes effectively relieve muscle soreness and pain, The percussion massage therapy used by our massagers will help muscles recover faster, reduce lactic acid build-up & muscle pain, improve flexibility and range of motion, increase blood flow, and much more. This powerful massager is suitable for everyone from professional athletes and gym-goers to those with muscle or joint pain at any age.

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