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Between the lead up to November and the Corona Pandemic we ALL need a break! What better way than to get a deep tissue muscle massage gun.  It may not be your only gun, but it'll be the most used gun in the house. Imaging how great you'll feel when the tightness is released out of your body totally rejuvenating you. It will help every muscle as well as overall posture and limit any need for a chiropractor. 

Similar to foam rollers, the handheld massagers are meant to release tight muscles. The quicker your muscles are loosened, the less sore you feel and the quicker you recover before your next workout. The best massage guns offer multiple speed and strength settings, allowing you to find a rhythm that works best for you. They’re safe to use all over the body, from your shoulders and back, to your glutes, calves and even the bottom of your feet (say, after a run or hike). The latest massage guns are also portable enough to take with you to the gym, office or on vacation. They’re all wireless too, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in cords while getting your recovery in.

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  • Massage Gun - 2020 Stress Disorder Deep Tissue Fascia Release Massager!
    Massage gun for soft tissue fascia release comes with 6 attachments to choose from and a beautiful case to carry it in where ever you go.
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